Lucy Trotzke's vision is based on the motivation to contribute a stout percentage of its profit to organizations working to prevent and rehabilitate children, youth and adults who are physically and emotionally at-risk in Guatemala's urban areas. This is done specifically through our sister Foundation: www.feurbanagt.org

Lucy Trotzke is a name with rich spiritual and cultural legacy. It combines the Guatemalan, North American and European heritage of its founder. As a child, our founder was accustomed to visiting remote Guatemalan villages with her parents and siblings, where she learned to love nature, philanthropy and the diversity of cultures in the country. At home, she was able to enjoy all the gastronomic and cultural traditions of her mixed heritage that today is expressed also through this brand.

The brand name is born of her ancestor’s names among who are gifted embroiderers, entrepeneurs, chefs, philanthropists, missionaries, teachers, professors, musicians, adventurers, authors, carpenters, among other things.

Lucy Trotzke is committed to providing high-quality, unique products by partnerships with individual artisans, associations and organizations that work with the highest level of commitment and excellence. Strategic alliances allow for product and process certification guaranteeing client satisfaction.

As a company, Lucy Trotzke seeks to distribute, promote and export handbags and other products that uplift native culture and heritage. We began specifically focused on Mayan textiles manufactured by highly skilled artisans all over Guatemala. We now carry products from other regions such as South Sudan, Egypt and Perú.